Video Files

All video files taken from the BBC performance of The Beggar's Opera (IMDB)

  1. Prologue through Act I Scene 1
  2. Act I Scene 3
  3. Act I Scene 8
  4. Act I Scene 10
  5. Act II Scene 1 through Scene 2
  6. Act II Scene 3 through Scene 4
  7. Act II Scene 12 through Scene 13
  8. Act III Scene 13 (Air LXVII)
  9. Act III Scene 14 through Scene 17 (End)


Scans from The Beggar's Opera.

All scans taken from a facsimile edition of the 1729 third edition.

  1. Frontispiece to Beggar's Opera
  2. Page 01 of the Introduction.
  3. Page 02 of the Introduction.
  4. An example of an Air in the 1729 edition.

Period Images

  1. William Hogarth - Gin Lane

    This picture was taken from The Web Gallery of Art

  2. William Hogarth - Act III of The Beggar's Opera

    Picture taken from

  3. William Hogarth - The Beggar's Opera Burlesqued

    Taken from

  4. John Gay Portrait

    This Graphic was found in multiple places, this version is taken from

  5. William Hogarth - The Idle Prentice Executed at Tyburn

    Taken from the AMICO Library.

  6. William Blake, after William Hogarth - Act III of The Beggar's Opera

    Taken from the AMICO Library.


These airs were recorded from vinyl records owned by New College of Florida; therefore, sound quality is limited by original media. They have been normalized as far as was possible while maintaining sound quality, and noise has been removed. Omissions are due to omissions on the original record.