The Absolute At Large

By Karel Capek

This edition of The Absolute at Large was edited and produced by William David Mayo, 2011, based on an earlier HTML edition produced in 2004. It is based on the Macmillan Company's 1927 edition, the first and last printing produced of this edition of the book. A facsimile edition of the Macmillan, produced by Hyperion Books (now Gibson Press) has also been made use of in proof-reading and scanning this book. All reasonable efforts have been taken to make sure that this edition is out of copyright, and if you possess other information, please contact the editor as soon as possible. Markup for this edition is copyright William David Mayo, 2004; the text is in the public domain. Thanks and acknowledgement are due to Professor Nova Myhill of New College of Florida, who sponsored this as an academic project; Katherine Shaeffer, who assisted in converting the text into electronic format; Suzie Shaeffer for her proofreading assistance; and Maggie Wallace, for collaborating in the planning stages.